How many people should I invite to my wedding?

This is probably the largest issue in planning weddings today: how many people should you invite?? Not only is this the largest factor in the cost of your wedding but it also affects your entire vibe and style! To tackle this monster question, you first need to decide your budget. If you simply can’t afford to have everyone you’ve ever known attend, that saves you time trying to make decisions. The number of guests you have affects how large of a venue you need, how many people to feed, and *cough cough* how many centerpieces and bouquets you’ll want! Now if you’re one of the lucky ones where budget isn’t the issue, the next thing to decide is what you and your partner what the vibe to be.

small wedding is more intimate. There’s less likelihood of things getting wild and you’ll probably get to be a lot more present on your day. You won’t be pulled in as many different directions trying to host and say hello to hundreds of people.

large wedding means even more people to worry about and to organize, but it also means more people to gush over you and your love and celebrate with you. One thing to keep in mind with larger weddings is you often spend most of the reception stopping by tables and making sure to say hello to everyone. This can be really nice and heartwarming, but it can also mean missing out on enjoying some of the festivities.

medium-sized wedding sound like it would be the best of both worlds, but the issue with this one tends to be deciding who makes the cut and who doesn’t. You have less leeway with the usual explanation “just close friends and family” that usually goes with a small wedding, so as the guest list decisions are being made you have to be a lot choosier. 

Deciding how large of a wedding you want is one of the first decisions you make as it affects most of your following wedding planning. Be sure to have open conversations with your partner and anyone else involved in the planning and payment of your big day, and together, you’ll make the right decision for you! 

With love,

Savannah Wichman 

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