How much do wedding flowers cost?

There are so many different factors that go into quoting wedding flowers, and there’s no one-size-fits-all calculation I can give you. However, I can give you basic estimates on your usual floral pieces in the average wedding, and this can help you calculate what to expect!

Please keep in mind, prices vary based on location, what specific flowers are being used (peonies are expensive my friends), time of year (anemones are my arch nemesis), and the individual florist. Another unfortunate thing to be aware of, especially with COVID putting so many flower farms out of business, the cost of flowers has greatly increased in the past couple of years alone. As with the price of eggs, we hope that one day we can get back to better pricing!

Bridal Bouquets – These greatly depend on the size, but you can estimate anywhere from $75-$350 for your large, glamorous bridal bouquet.

Bridesmaid Bouquets – If you want to make this more greenery than flowers, you can save some money here, but they’re still going to range between $50-$200ish.

Boutonnieres – Cheap and easy, these typically range cost between $10-$20.

Corsages – These take more work and artistry, so they’ll typically be around $20-50.

Ceremony Arch – This is usually your most expensive single item, where it depends on if you’re renting the arch versus if it’s already onsite, and how many flowers and greenery it’s going to take to create the vision. You should expect anywhere from $350-$5000.

Centerpieces – Since this is usually the item that you need the largest number of, centerpieces are typically going to be your largest cost. This again depends entirely on the style of centerpiece and number of tables you have, but you can expect for an arrangement of flowers in a vase to cost $100-$350 each.

One thing to remember is that florists have to include so many factors into their arrangement prices. The cost of each stem is typically multiplied 2-5x in order to determine the cost of the whole design. This covers not only the cost of the ingredients but also the planning time, design time, labor, overhead, and mechanics such as tape, wire, and ribbon (and so much more).

I know these numbers can be scary, but just remember that I’ve included a fairly large range in costs for most of the items. Again, your floral cost depends on many factors such as location, time of year, types of flowers, and more! So make sure you’re communicating with your florist what you’re looking for and what your budget is, and we can help you understand where to go from there!

With love,

Savannah Wichman

Mountain Mama Florals

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