What is a Florist’s “Minimum Spend”?

Sometimes seeing “$____ minimum” can be daunting, I completely get it, but it doesn’t have to be. A florist’s minimum is a guiding tool, it tells you the minimum amount a project (wedding) needs to cost for them to take it on, not that they’ll charge you $X amount of money no matter what you getting (can you image $3000 for only a bouquet and boutonniere??).

You’ll find some florists that don’t have minimums all the way to florists with $10,000 minimums, this is simply information for you to help know if it’s even worth reaching out to this florist for a quote. HOWEVER, please keep in mind that most first-time brides and grooms do not know what their flowers are going to cost, so here’s a (very) basic guideline:

  • If you’re only getting Personal Flowers which include bouquets, boutonnieres, and maybe some corsages, unless you have a massive wedding party, you’re likely going to spend less than $1000.
  • If you want flowers for your bridal party, ceremony, and reception but don’t want extravagant, you’re likely going to spend $3000-$6000. This can be more depending on how many guests you have and what kind of floral decorations you want.
  • If you have 200 guests or more and still plan to have flowers for your bridal party, ceremony, and reception, plan to be closer to $10,000.

Again, this is all very basic, each florist is going to be a bit different and each couple, depending on what you’re looking for and where you’re having your wedding, is going to be a bit different. What matters is you’re informed and you keep an open mind, just because a florist’s minimum = your maximum budget, that doesn’t mean that’s not the perfect florist for you!

With love,

Savannah Wichman

Mountain Mama Florals

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