The Accidental Wedding Florist

My first ever time as a Wedding Florist felt like a high-stakes DIY moment, where I somehow volunteered to be the Florist for the wedding of one of my best friends for whom I was already the Maid of Honor. The ceremony was going to be in a public garden and a low-key event, which meant I needed to help plan the timeline, rent the furniture, reserve the reception restaurant, plan the bachelorette party, AND plan the floral details, all while living 600 miles away. My Hospitality degree, planning, and Type-A personality kicked in big time; and when I tell you we pulled it off, we pulled that mother OFF! Now keep in mind, this was a few years before I decided to become an actual Florist, so my entire Floral education at this point was from Professor You-Tube, and to be honest I probably only watched a 3-minute video and called it a day. The Bride and I talked flowers and colors, I placed the order with their local grocery store and an online wholesaler, then I crossed my fingers! I arrived the day before the wedding, picked everything up and began designing (thank god to the family member who told me to have the roses delivered a few days before and have them sit in water in a cold, dark room).

Was the Bridal Bouquet perfect? Hell no! Did I make sh** up as I went? Abso-freaking-lutely! Let me also mention the fact that post bouquet-making I had extra flowers and greenery, so I decided (very) last second to flower-ize the ceremony arch! Being a wedding Florist with no background, no tools, and no education was hectic and scary, but I am so unbelievably glad I did it. I learned, I had fun, and I got to do this wonderful thing for a friend for which I will always be grateful.

Mountain Mama Florals Bridal Bouquet
Pink & White Natural Bridal Bouquet
Mountain Mama Florals Wedding Ceremony Greenery Arch
Wedding Ceremony Greenery Arch

Mountain Mama Florals Wedding Ceremony Greenery Arch
Wedding Ceremony Greenery Arch

**PSA pleeeeeease take off all leaves that are located at or under where you are going to tie-off your bouquet! If you don’t, you’re going to have one THICK stem bundle and the leaves will create more bacteria if the bouquet goes back in water.**

Opportunities and new experiences come out of nowhere sometimes, and I for one try to practice swallowing my fears and jumping in whenever possible! You never know where it will lead you.


Savannah Wichman

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