What Info should I have before going to a Florist?

It is completely normal to not know much about ordering wedding and event florals, that’s what we’re here for! But, to help you hit the ground running and make you feel a little more comfortable going into your Florist consultation, I’ve created a list for you. 

Wedding Week for a Florist

So the flowers have been planned and ordered for weeks, and now it’s finally time to bring everything to fruition. Wedding week can be a little chaotic, but it always follows a similar flow. 7-5 Days Before The earliest days of preparation are spent confirming assistants/freelancers, deliveries and pickup times for flowers and rentals, andContinue reading “Wedding Week for a Florist”

Photo Editing for Beginners

Being the non-professional photographer that I am, my photos ALWAYS need to be edited. I’ve learned a few tricks on how to edit a photo to get it to look the way I want, even if my original shot wasn’t exactly great. First thing’s first, what tools do you use to edit?? I edit everythingContinue reading “Photo Editing for Beginners”