Are Destination Weddings Cheaper?

The answer is, of course, it depends! Typically, however, destination weddings are going to be more expensive based on where they are. If it is a high-tourism area or somewhere that’s known for destination weddings like Italy, then many of the normal costs are going to be higher, just like getting a cocktail in the city versus in a small town would be. I’ve put together a quick pros-cons list for destination weddings.

Pros of Destination Weddings

  • Fewer people are likely able to come, therefore less cost on food and beverage.
  • More intimate.
  • More personalized, you can go anywhere!
  • The views and the destination itself!

Cons to Destination Weddings

  • Potentially higher costs for the area to include more expensive florists, caterers, venues, etc.
  • Not able to get everyone you want to attend.
  • More difficult getting your things there.
  • Sometimes dealing with a foreign language.
  • Possibly booking a venue and vendors you haven’t met, or potentially needing to pay to go out and tour before booking.

In the end, it all depends on what you want, and how you look at it!

With love,

Savannah Wichman

Mountain Mama Florals

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