Wedding Week for a Florist

So the flowers have been planned and ordered for weeks, and now it’s finally time to bring everything to fruition. Wedding week can be a little chaotic, but it always follows a similar flow.

7-5 Days Before

The earliest days of preparation are spent confirming assistants/freelancers, deliveries and pickup times for flowers and rentals, and checking in with the Wedding Planner, Bride, and Venue as needed.

5-4 Days Before:

I usually try to clean all buckets and vases from previous events as soon as that event is over, but sometimes I missed a few buckets or I’ve gotten some new vases that need to be cleaned with soap and water, and I make sure to get this done before the flowers have arrived. After that’s done, I organize all hard goods (rentals, décor, equipment, etc.) that will be coming to the venue with me.

3 Days Before:

Since I don’t own a cooler, I like to receive all of my flowers and greenery 2-3 days before the event to give them time to rehydrate before I design with them. Once they arrive, I clean and condition them and set them up in water buckets to hydrate.

2-1 Days Before

I typically spend the two days leading up to the event building all of the designs that I can pre-build, saving the most delicate, such as boutonnieres and corsages, for last.

Night Before

The night before the event is spent reconfirming all timelines, driving routes, and the order list to make sure I haven’t forgotten to make anything, and I try to pack up the van as much as possible to make the next day less stressful.


Wedding Day can be a long day, sometimes spent in the middle of nowhere, so I always make sure to pack plenty of water and snacks before I go back through my packing list, check and double check the Order list, and then head to the venue to set up! If it’s a wedding where I need to break things down afterwards, I’ll return near the end to do so and then bring everything back to the shop to unload before calling it a day.

A Few Days After

To wrap up the event, I send thank-you emails to the client and Wedding Planner a few days later (to give everyone a chance to decompress). I truly appreciate every client and vendor I work with that make my job a dream job!

Happy Floristing everyone!


Savannah Wichman

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