Starting a Business

(And my Bare Minimums Business Lists)

When I decided to start a business, I planned the only way I know how to plan: I made lists! I knew that a lot goes into getting a business up and running, so the only possible way I was going to keep track of it all was if I organized it in a way where I could continuously add and reprioritize tasks. I started by grouping my lists into my major categories: Materials List, Business Outline, Things To Do, and Random Notes. My Random Notes list is kind of like the “junk drawer” of lists; it’s meant to be where you put information you come across or think of but want to come back to later to research or implement.

After starting the framework of my lists and filling them with everything I could think of, it was time to fill them with what other people could think of! (*cough cough* research time *cough cough*) I kid you not, my research consisted of typing “How do I become a Florist?” into Google and clicking the first thing that showed up. BUT that is how I found my Florist Fairy Godmother, Alison Ellis of Real Florist Business and Floral Artistry. She showed me that I really could do it and laid out what I needed to get started. If you’re interested in checking out her page, you can click here. After getting over that hurdle (also known as fear) I was finally able to take the next step. Sometimes, all you need is for someone to show you that the hardest part is all in your head.

If you’re starting your own project or business, here is the framework for my Bare Minimums Business Lists!

Good Luck!


Savannah Wichman

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